Automoblox 2016 X9 Sport Utility

$ 45.00

A perfect mix of style and utility, the 2016 Automoblox X9 defines off-road chic. Along with a new, bold wheel design, an aggressive front grille guard and rear brush bar replace the front and rear skid plates for 2016. Running boards, roof rack, and a spare tire give the X9 the utility to tackle the mountain trails and stark canyon floors at the far edge of imagination’s landscape. Finished in Acura’s Ionized Bronze Metallic.

  • 16 mix & match components and one Automoblox figure.
  • Made of European beech wood, polycarbonate, ABS, TPR.
  • Measures approximately 7.2" x 4.5" x 3.5".

Ages 3+

Automoblox has reinvented the classic wooden car by fusing modern design with old world values. Kids can explore their own car creations by mixing and matching the interchangeable parts of these award-winning vehicles.

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