Roshambo Baby Shades- Falcor (Clear)

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Not only are Roshambo baby shades super hip and stylish, but they block 100% of UVA/B/C rays, and are made in Italy. The flexible but durable, soft, and chewable material is BPA-free and specially designed for baby's use and abuse (they even mold their logos into the design to avoid unnecessary paint). As a bonus, they're so light, they float!
  • Nearly indestructible: Roshambo offers a full damage and lens replacement guarantee. 
  • Certified BPA and phthalate-free, and small parts tested.
  • Prescription-ready. 
  • Fits approximately 0-24 months (the flexible material gives lots of room to grow)!
  • Approximately 4.5" temple to temple, 4.25" temple to ear (arm length), and 1.5" high.
With every Roshambo purchase, you are helping support the Autism Research Institute. We love companies that care!

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